West Portland United Methodist Church
Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Pastors Message



VACATION!! Woohoo! Time to get away!

Make travel plans, pack your bags, put a hold on the snail mail/activate the vacation notification on your email, ask your neighbor to watch the house, and tell whoever needs to that you will be gone for a while.


Ah… a break from the mundane, everyday grind. Be it a tropical beach, mountain lake, museum-infused city, or “stay-cation” at home, a vacation is a time to step back from regular expectations and stressors.

Come back rested with a suitcase full of dirty clothes and memory card full of photos ready to reengage with the real world.


Let’s be real about vacations… It is a part time job getting ready to leave, when you are gone part of your mind is still connected back home, and when you get back you are exhausted and need a vacation from the vacation!


This is NOT a campaign to deter your vacation. I believe we all need to take them. And while away, air out your mind and schedule so that when you get home you are better prepared to engage.

I want to invite you all to take a vacation! But this vacation is not about getting away TO somewhere, rather, it is an escape FROM somewhere you have been… in your own way.


2 Corinthians 4 reminds us to not keep the gift of ministry veiled. Refrain from preaching only to ourselves, “Let light shine out of darkness” for God made the light to shine in our hearts and reflect the love of Christ.


Yep, we tend to create our own obstacles and hindrances. Health issues, pride, loneliness, depression, frustrations over missed expectations, anger, fear, disappointment, too many changes occurring out of your control, and so forth. We create the obstacles by allowing them to hold us back. Need assistance or guidance but refuse to seek it? Carrying around ill feelings? Holding grudges? Holding back on addressing the bigger issues while focusing on the little things?


As we enter the summer season, I challenge you to consider what holds you back from being authentic in your faith. Here are some travel suggestions:

Make travel plans: Set time aside each day.

Pack your bags: Set your Bible, journal, pens/markers in a comfortable space you will frequent

GO!: Spend time with the Word seeking wise counsel and encouragement. “Travel guides” available online and in print. A few suggestions are listed below. PRAY! Meet people along the way and engage in conversations.

Take pictures!: journal, write, draw, have a discussion, listen for a response to prayer.

Leave any attitudes and behaviors holding back the light.

Reengage with real life with your story of overcoming the tough stuff BECAUSE of your faith in Christ.

Someone needs to hear of your journey. It will help them on their own.











Peace and blessings, Pastor Christy