West Portland United Methodist Church
Monday, January 23, 2017





Church at Home 15 January 2017




When the weather makes it unsafe and difficult to gather in the church building we take the opportunity to do and be church outside of the church. 


Invite your family, neighbors, and host a small worship experience wherever you are. 


This week we acknowledge the humanitarian civil rights work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We also enter the quadrennial transition of leadership in our country.  


If you have internet, click on the You Tube links for the music. If you do not have internet, or struggle surfing the web, do your best with a hymnal or from memory.




Come Thou Font of Every Blessing







Good morning! Afternoon, or whenever you read this.




Peace of Christ be with you!



My Hope is Built





Opening Prayer




Speak, Lord, 
For your children are listening 
For a word of encouragement, for a word of instruction 
About how we ought to live in these troubled lands.


Speak, Lord, 
For your children are listening, 
As we drift off to sleep in down-covered beds 
In marble palaces 
Or in sawdust padded pallets 
On dusty floors. 
We are listening, rich and poor 
We are listening, young and old 
For a word from you that will heal our lands. 


Eternal God, 
Lover of our souls, we come to you this morning hungering for something from you that will change the rest of our lives. We come hungering for honesty instead of corruption; for generosity instead of greed; we come hungering for integrity instead of intrigue. We come hungering for our neighbors to be fed and for all to have enough honest work to provide for the basic needs of their families. We come this morning hungering for righteousness to flow like rainwater and for the justice like an ever-flowing stream described by the prophets.


We come hungering and we come listening for your words to us, describing how we can participate in your great work of re-creation. We come listening for ways that we can become part of the solution and not part of the problem. We come listening in fear and trembling, praying that we will have the courage to respond and act if we hear a clear word of instruction from you.


Speak, Lord, For your children are listening…









Psalm 82


Read out loud.


What jumps out at you?


What resonates with how you feel about the inauguration and related impact?


What questions does this raise?


As a person aware of their faith, what are the points of conflict in how you are called to live out your faith in this current culture? 




Using the 5 finger prayer. Look at your hand.


The thumb: pray for those closest to you


The pointer finger: pray for those who point you in the right direction


The middle finger: for those in leadership


The ring/weakest finger: for those in need, who have less than you


The little finger: for yourself (this is not selfish, this is healthy)




As you enter this week, I pray you focus on extending grace, demonstrating mercy and compassion, and stand for those who are marginalized.




This link has 4 separate prayers. Chose which work for you at this time.


We Shall Over Come






How is God calling you to share your time, talent, and treasure this week?


Time: Spending time in prayer? reading Scripture? Journaling? adding a daily devotion? Volunteering?


Talent: Share something you are good at with someone else… teach a craft, skill, lesson


Treasure: tithe to the church, donate to a favorite charity, pay for the person behind you in line




If you are new to West Portland UMC, do not feel obligated to give.


If you are a regular, or feel called to do so, bring your offering next Sunday in person, or mail it to: West Portland UMC


4729 SW Taylors Ferry Rd


Portland, Or 97219


In closing, we would love to pray for you and hear how your worship-at-home experience went. Message us at westportlandumc@qwestoffice.net


Peace to you!


Pastor Christy 




TODAY Fellowship and discussion: Join us at 4:30 for Real Talk In Real Time Stein Distillery 12325 Horizon Blvd(all ages welcome)


TUESDAY: Fireside with the Pastor 4p – 6p at the church